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PSVita Dev Kits Out Now For Independent Developers

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Sony has decided to work with independent developers. So they decided to destribute these kits for free. Sony stated that the development environment for the Vita is simple to understand. We conclude that the Ps Vita "App Store" will have many games from independent Devs.

Rubicon, independent studios Icon Games via the NeoGAF forums wrote:"We showed our game to Sony, they really liked and thought it would be well on their machine so they sent us four free development kits PS Vita. Just like that"

"PS The Vita is a console that meets the expectations ... the PSN Store will be filled as quickly good games that was the case for the Apple App Store"

Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Studios, announced that development kits from the PS Vita cost around $ 3000. This initiative, to make them available free of charge to studio talented but often without resources, will enrich the content available soon on the PSN, at affordable prices, hopefully.

Source: www.gamepro.fr

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i actually want one now Razz


Hkas wrote:i actually want one now Razz

I wanna become a Independent Dev now lol


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